Mission: Make computing and internetwork operations easier, efficient and resilient !

Our solid next-gen SIEM solution offers world-class threat detection, investigation and response and provides an industry-leading, cloud-delivered, SIEM and XDR platform 

 Key benefits!

  • Security Leaders get a platform that gives them total visibility and allows them to continuously improve their security posture.
  • Security Engineers get advanced analytics and automation
  • Security Analysts get tech that can automate mundane tasks so they can focus on resolving threats.
  • Web application assessme

Systematic Footprinting Analysis!

If your Enterprise SOC is continuously under siege with an oversaturation of tools and data, you problably wondered more than once if the State of your Enterprise Security Operations whether the basic are truly...

Our penetration assessments identify possible threats and vulnerabilities in your network and provide effective preventative solutions. A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a simulated cyberattack against your computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities. Our cyber-security services are carried out by an experienced certified ethical hacker who has learned to think like an attacker. We will perform an attack simulation in an effort to:

  • Identify security flaws present in the environment
  • Understand the level of risk for your organization
  • Address and suggest mitigation towards identified network security flaws

Upon approval of a project, we will schedule a kick off call to discuss key areas in the rules of engagement such as: scope, methodology and testing techniques, compliance requirements, testing times, and points of contact. The phases listed below discuss key actions that are taken throughout the network penetration testing process.

The following items will be developed during this phase: Key points of contact and procedures for all phases; scopetypes of systems to be tested (e.g. servers, workstations, mobile devices); rules of engagement.

We will perform extensive network host discovery, service discovery, and enumeration. This involves information gathering and analysis of information available via the Internet. We gather data from organization’s websites, public databases, and social networks with the explicit goal of identifying technical data about the external and/or internal network infrastructure for targeting.

The attack phase is where exploitation of any vulnerability and/or misconfiguration occurs. We will use ethical hacking techniques to penetrate vulnerable systems. 

During this phase, we take great care to ensure we effectively communicate the value of our service and findings as thoroughly as possible. Our main goal is to ensure that all information from the network pen test is clearly understood and that a roadmap toward remediation/mitigation is well defined. A comprehensive final report detailing all testing information along with an executive summary is securely delivered during this step.

Vulnerability Scanning
Network vulnerability scanning provides the opportunity to identify active IP addresses and scan them using industry-leading tools with the ultimate goal of discovering vulnerabilities in both internal and external networks. Throughout the vulnerability scanning process comprehensive automated testing will be used to identify as many network related vulnerabilities as possible.