Mission: Make computing and internetwork operations easier, efficient and resilient !

Prevent exploitation with a powerful security tool suite designed to easily and directly control exactly what applications run on your endpoints. Using the Zero Trust and least-privilege model framework we protect them from various cyber threats, including unknown malware, ransomware and exploits for known and unknown vulnerabilities.

 Key benefits!

  • Effective Zero Trust endpoint security approach
  • Enterprise-level server and endpoint security by blocking untrusted software, including ransomware, scripts and libraries, and exploits of known and unknown application vulnerabilities
  • complete control, policy-driven systematic protection of access to data, applications, storage, permissions elevation and network access.

Systematic Enterprise-level Server and Endpoint security!

How can you protect your organization from malicious and misused software knowing that a single data breach or ransomware attack can put you out of business in the blink of an eye?

Perimeter Protection: Controlling what software can run should be the first line of defense. A second line of defense for applications that are permitted is first, by defining how applications can interact with each other, and secondly, by controlling what resources applications can access, such as networks, files, and registries. Stop applications from interacting with built-in tools such as PowerShell, Command Prompt and RunDLL

Allowlisting Protection:

  • Stops any application from running on your machine that is not a part of the allow list.
  • A powerful firewall-like policy engine that allows you to permit, deny or restrict application access at a granular level
  • Time-Based Policies: Permit access to applications for a specified amount of time. Automatically block the application after the policy has expired
  • Automatically adds new hashes when application and system updates are released, allowing you to keep your applications up to date

Control storage devices, including USB and network shares:

  • Choose what data can be accessed, or copied, and the applications, users, and computers that can access said data. 
  • A full audit of all file access on USB, Network, and Local Hard Drives
  • Approve for a limited amount of time or permanently access to specific file types
  • Limit access to a device or file share based on the application
  • Enforce or audit the encryption status of USB hard drives and other external storage

Elevation Control: Monitor and track admin access and give IT administrators the power to remove local admin privileges from their users, whilst allowing them to run individual applications as an administrator.

Our platform effectively offers protection from:

  • Zero-Day Attacks: Our SaaS protects against vulnerabilities that haven’t even been discovered yet
  • Macro Viruses: Malware embedded in trusted programs like Office can’t overcome our perimeter Block
  • Fileless Malware: Even malware that hides in memory can’t sneak in; if its code isn’t on the trusted list, it isn’t getting access
  • Ransomware: Our solution lets you dictate how apps interact with data; if a program, ANY program, tries to encrypt data it isn’t authorized to, it will be blocked.

How much per endpoint and per month will this protection cost your business? Less than what you spend for a resaurant meal. The more endpoints