Mission: Make computing and internetwork operations easier, efficient and resilient !

Advancing meaningful use of high value health information and communications technologies for better health, better care, better patient-provider relationship, and lower costs of patient care and of the management, security and compliance of health information systems.

 Key benefits!

  • - Bringing together HL7, eHealth, EHRs, EMRs, PHRs, Blue Button, RFID, Biometrics, NFC, RTLS, Sensors, HIT Interoperability, HIPAA, HITECH, Telemedicine, TeleHealth, Patient Engagement, Mobile Health Devices, Health Information Exchange(HIE) for better health, better care, better patient-provider relationship and for better Health Information Management Systems.

Advancing Meaningful Use of Health IT!

Quality Health Emergency Physicians, P.C.(QHEP) : "We started a Health IT Technology Partnership with Internetwork Link LLC in 2009 when the United States adopted a new legal framework pushing for electronic health records for all. We needed help from a reliable partner to understand how the new law improves health data management including privacy, security, exchange and integrity. As new standards, applications and technologies emerged, we also wanted to do our part in adopting and advancing recent health computing and communications.

Now through our IT department and thanks to a strong technology partnership, we have invested in high value Health technologies to enable better management, security and privacy controls of protected health information. So, patients personal health information is safe and sound at all times.

The HyperCloud computing platform we use also boosts required security, regulatory compliance and reliability. We couldn't achieve these many key patient and business outcomes without this important Health IT partnership."

-By QHEP P.C. Health IT Manager

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